A Factory of One is Finally Available!

I’m pleased — giddy, thrilled, quivering — to announce that my first book, A Factory of One, is now in stock and available to ship from Amazon.

The book explores in detail a theme that I’ve been writing about in this blog for the past couple of years: how to apply lean concepts and tools to individual work in order to improve performance, reduce waste, and deliver more customer value. In my view, we too often focus on the entire value stream or a large process within that value stream, and ignore the way people work within that value stream.

Many bloggers and lean thinkers within this community have provided support and guidance for me during the writing of the book, and have rallied around me for the book launch as well. My thanks to all of you.

Read Matt May’s recent review here, and his article on 5S and K.I.S.S. here. And, of course, you can read much more about the book and download a free chapter on the book’s website, www.afactoryofone.com.


4 thoughts on “A Factory of One is Finally Available!

  1. Placed my order last night! Should arrive before Xmas. I was totally sold by reading the sample chapter on the website. Happy Holiday5S!

  2. Just delivered! Looking forward to the book during my break. Congratulations on your achievement!

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