Glen Rojas, City ManagerDan’s message provided our management team with real tools to use in our everyday work and he presented the message with humor and wit that kept our attention the entire period. People went back to their respective offices and immediately started implementing his key points.

Glen Rojas, City ManagerCity of Menlo Park, CA

George KosonockyYour webinar was a success, with a record number of attendees, and positive unsolicited comments and positive requested feedback from key leaders.

George KosonockyIntel

Dr. Jamie OstroffI’m simply speechless. I’m incredibly appreciative of his expertise, time and attention.

Dr. Jamie OstroffMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

ParticipantVery dynamic speaker & concrete tools…One of the best workshops I’ve attended (engaging & useful).

ParticipantUCSF Medical Center WorkLean seminar

Dr. Lisa M. GoldfarbDan reduced the time I lost to administrative issues, and enabled me to spend more time with patients.

Dr. Lisa M. GoldfarbAssistant Clinical Professor NYU School of Medicine

Dr. Britt-Marie LjungWe are feeling good about the stuff we got rid of – it’s such a light feeling! We’re excited about the tools you’ve given us for going forward.

Dr. Britt-Marie LjungProfessor of Clinical Pathology, UCSF Medical Center

Participant[Dan Markovitz] was engaging with a valuable message. I would encourage this workshop to be offered regularly and be open to all employees – I would have loved for my post-docs and lab manager to have attended.

ParticipantUCSF Medical Center WorkLean seminar

Lorne NeedleDan Markovitz is an outstanding resource. We brought Dan in to train our entire department in his tools and techniques for organizing e-files and hard files, managing communication, and planning/streamlining work flow. Dan fully understands the challenges that we face as professionals, as well as the habits we cling to, and provided specific, adaptable solutions. He is sharp, thorough, and reliable; and he makes learning fun for staff. The result: People on our team are more organized and have recaptured valuable time to accomplish more of our highest-priority work.

Lorne NeedleUnited Way of the Bay Area

Rodger ColeDan helped me focus on strategies and tactics to utilize my time on important issues, and not just the latest email in the inbox. I still use Dan’s calendaring tips and tricks several years after I worked with him. Dan’s sessions are worth the price of admission.

Rodger ColeFenwick & West, LLP

Dr. Monika ShahI learned powerful techniques that have resulted in the refocus of my minute-to-minute energies, resulting in a much more efficient and effective workflow. Meetings are more productive, I’m more productive, and I’ve enabled my colleagues to be more productive as well. Instead of being in constant fire-fighting mode, we’re now more proactive and strategic.

Dr. Monika ShahMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Dr. Maxine JochelsonDan analyzed and reconstructed my workflow, created an organizational structure for all the information that I manage, and taught me how to make better use of my assistant. These improvements made me more productive, reduced my stress level, and enabled me to invest more time on what’s really important to me and my hospital: patients and publishing. His non-judgmental manner put me at ease and helped me accept and implement his advice. He’s a wonderful resource.

Dr. Maxine JochelsonMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Stephen LiberatoreI believe Dan’s approach to the topic of time management is quite unique and effective. I have always considered planning and organizing to be a strength of mine yet was pleasantly surprised to find some valuable insights from Dan that I could immediately apply to my own work. The fact that I have continued to utilize these insights over the past few years indicates how effective they have been for my own time management and personal productivity.

Stephen LiberatoreEnterprise Operational Excellence Champion, W. L. Gore & Associates

Paul FinkleI have worked with Dan for over 5 years and referred him many times to clients and friends. The fact is that very few people are adequately trained (and faithfully follow) a methodology to manage email, voicemail, meetings, social media – the ballooning data challenge. Because of his help, I’ve been able to spend more time building my business and focusing on my real priorities and less time mired in daily minutiae.

Paul FinklePresident, sharedHR

ParticipantYesterday’s class was beyond excellent, a verbal ass-whipping of advanced common sense in this increasingly high-tech and impersonal world.

ParticipantStanford Continuing Studies Program

Katherine RadekaYou were awesome! Frankly, the best keynote we’ve ever had.

Katherine RadekaWhittier Consulting, President Lean Product & Process Development Exchange

Professor Mitchell FeldmanDan’s two presentations to the UCSF faculty on time management have been phenomenal. Dan’s style is engaging and smart, spiced with a quick wit. His approach to time management is spot on for busy health sciences faculty. Our faculty are anxious to hear more – we will have him back!

Professor Mitchell FeldmanUCSF Medical Center, Director of the Faculty Mentorship Progam