An engaging and experienced speaker, Dan entertains and informs his audiences with insights on improving performance and managing competing commitments in resource-constrained 
environments. Dan is a speaker for all audiences: keynotes, conference and convention sessions, breakout sessions, and workshops. Whether it’s an internal meeting of associates or your executive team, an association function, or a customer conference, Dan provides the perfect customized content to promote and support your meeting theme and engage your audience.

Recent speeches are listed below:

  • Guerilla Lean: How To Make Lean Work For You When Your Managers Don’t Understand,” for the 2011 Lean Product and Process Development Exchange
  • Managing Overwhelm: Strategies for Healthcare Professionals, for the 2011 National Association of Medical Staff Services annual conference
  • Think Lean, Work Lean, for the 2011 HIV/AIDS Early Stage Investigator Professional Development Workshop
  • Managing Overwhelm: Strategies for Healthcare Professionals, for the 2011 Society of Interventional Radiology annual conference
  • Where Did My &$%*! Day Go?, for the 2011 Clinic Leadership Institute
  • Email Tips: Everything You Wanted To Know (But Didn’t Have The Time To Ask), for the UCSF Medical Center faculty development workshop series
  • There’s a Reason You Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First,for the 2011 NYU Medical Center mentor development program
  • WorkLean and Take Charge of Your Day, for the Stanford University Continuing Studies Program
  • Um, Where Did I Put My Brain?, for the 2010 Abbott Vascular quarterly managers meeting