TimeBack Management’s WorkLean program of information and workflow management improves productivity and enables knowledge workers to successfully assume more responsibility and generate more business.


The program applies Lean manufacturing principles to improve the way knowledge workers process information.  Just as Lean methods reduce waste and improve productivity on an assembly line, WorkLean reduces the inefficiencies and waste in business processes – so an accountant will write down fewer hours, an executive can speak with more clients, a salesperson can call on one more account – generating incremental revenue for the individual and the organization.


TimeBack Management clients gain the skills they need to get their work done despite the interruptions of the modern office, and go home with their email inboxes empty, their desks clean, and their minds clear.


WorkLean. A better way to work.

WorkLean Program

WorkLean is our flagship efficiency training program.  It is conducted over three non-consecutive days, each about 2-4 weeks apart. WorkLean is most commonly conducted with small groups of individuals, but can also be tailored to individual executives.


Implementation is central to the success of WorkLean.  Participants spend 75% of their time working side-by-side with the coach to apply the critical components of Architecture, Process, and Planning to their actual workspace and work style. 


Architecture: the organizational structure that leads to quick and complete retrieval of information

Process: the five key work habits that enable knowledge workers to manage information rapidly and efficiently

Planning: the roadmap that ensures high-value or critical tasks are being done at the right times

By working with the coach in their own offices, participants use WorkLean in real time and in actual work situations.  This concrete application of the learned principles results in productivity improvements that are sustained over the long-term. 



An abbreviated one-day program that addresses the key aspects of the WorkLean program.  Participants learn the conceptual framework of Architecture, Process, and Planning, and receive the appropriate tools, but without the hands-on guidance and customization.



1-3 hour speeches highlighting key issues of time management, productivity, and work-life balance.