TimeBack Management is a corporate efficiency-training firm specializing in the application of Lean manufacturing principles to business processes.  Whereas Lean methods reduce the obvious waste in a business process, the company’s WorkLean program helps knowledge workers reduce the hidden muda in the way they manage information and improves the flow of value to the customer.  As such, the WorkLean program supports companies in their Lean journey.


Participating in a WorkLean program enables knowledge workers to get more work out of an hour than they could before.  The resulting heijunka of administrative work, and the reduction in muda, muri, and mura leads to cost avoidance, faster decision-making, improved work quality, better client service, and more efficient space utilization.



WorkLean Program

WorkLean for organizations embarking on the Lean journey is similar to the standard WorkLean program.  It is conducted with small groups of individuals in an organization, division, or department, ideally from the top down.  Implementation is central to the program: participants spend 75% of their time working side-by-side with the coach to apply the lessons to their actual workspace and work style in real time and in actual work situations.


However, the terminology and examples used in the program are couched in Lean language and are related to the overall Lean philosophy.  In this way, the lessons taught and skills learned enhance and reinforce the Lean processes already employed at the firm.


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